Public relations for Samsung Home Appliances

Since 2014, K-MB has been handling the PR for Samsung Home Appliances: By selecting and addressing the right media, Samsung positions itself as a leader in design and innovation. Under the smart home umbrella, the trend for home digitalization ensures on-trend agenda setting.

As the brand’s press office for the German-speaking region, K-MB compiles media distribution lists, creates press releases and reports, and handles agenda setting, media cooperations, press talks, sample handling, blogger relations, and brand events.


Public relations for fashion and beauty

KM-B has been handling Amazon’s fashion & beauty PR since 2013. With one of the most comprehensive ranges available on the market, Amazon can claim to be one of Germany’s most successful fashion & beauty retailers. In terms of coverage, Amazon is also one of our most successful PR clients. Beyond PR duties, K-MB also takes care of Amazon collection launches and editorial department tours.

As a PR agency, K-MB covers the brand’s German-language PR needs, including press mailings, endorsement campaigns, press days, blogger relations, and brand events.


Objekte Unserer Tage

Public relations for interior and design

In 2016, K-MB took over the PR communications of Objekte unserer Tage. Now, K-MB creates content targeting local, national, analog, and digital media channels for this up-and-coming German interior design label.

As a PR agency, K-MB handles the brand’s German-language press needs, including press releases and blogger relations.


Absolut Abroad – opinion leader communications

In 2013, Absolut Vodka initiated the world’s first bartender exchange program, Abroad by Absolut International Guest Bartending. Every year, the patron brand of international bar culture invites ten of Europe’s foremost bars to send their most talented bartenders abroad for two weeks, swapping their trusted local counter for a high-proof away experience. Participants spend two weeks in a different city to learn all about local drinking culture, regional ingredients, and the bar’s in-house mixing concept from the head bartender.

Barkeepers have always played a vital role in the Absolut story since it was their support that made the brand an icon. With Absolut Abroad, the Swedish vodka now supports the community in return and extends its thanks to the bartenders.

K-MB took care of the creative concept, planning, and realization of the annual brand events, the selection and address of the opinion leader network, the social media concept and implementation (incl. Facebook page and community management), as well as press office duties like press releases and press photos for Abroad by Absolut. 

Samsung Loft

Samsung Loft – enter today

Tasked with introducing the target audience to the latest Samsung product range in a true-to-life environment, K-MB came up with the Samsung Loft. Flanked by talks featuring selected scientists on the “Future of Home,” Samsung product managers introduced journalists and bloggers to the brand’s latest technology and use scenarios. The Samsung Loft managed to turn today’s innovations for tomorrow’s home into an immediate, tangible experience.

K-MB took care of the brand presentation, brand event, media distribution list, press talk, and blogger relations.