K-MB is the most amazing agency on the planet.
Christoph E. Neumann
In the end, it all boils down to personal relationships – with the brand, the client, and the team.
Mailin Paashaus, CFO
At K-MB, you have communication experts who simply love their work.
Helmut Adam, editor-in-chief, Mixology – Magazin für Barkultur
The K-MB Instagram stream is definitely a 'channel to watch.'
Couch magazine, 2015
K-MB creates strong content. So, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that K-MB is one of the content agencies with the most Vimeo staff picks – on a global basis.
Jason Sondi, Lead Curator, Vimeo
You can’t measure an agency’s creativity in awards that are based on paid submissions.
Christoph Kamps, CEO
K-MB counts among Germany’s best agencies.
K-MB's vitality has its own imperative. Every point of contact, however brief, is an unbroken series of amazements. A rocket ride and an enormous dose of human-ness.
Alex Ducane and Michael Kline, Founders of Pointy Snout Caviar