What does K-MB do?


K-MB is a global network of communications experts. Based in Berlin and New York, our creative agency helps contemporary brands reach their full potential on an international level.

We are expert at content marketing and believe that people are more than target groups who think in channels. Instead, they care about stories – stories they’ll happily share and spread as long as they are relevant to their own lives.

The interactive chart highlights the service spectrum of our six departments and their particular core competencies:



As a Berlin-based PR agency, we draw on a global network to tell tailored, relevant brand and product stories that are loved and shared by our influencers. We devise strategies for working with the entire spectrum of media, from analog all the way to digital platforms; strategies realized in many parts of the world with our international network of partners. Covering a huge spread of different industries, our clients range from fashion and beauty to consumer electronics, design, and interiors all the way to food and automotive.

For consumer brands, we handle:

  • Blogger relations
  • Community building
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media cooperations
  • Personality PR
  • Product PR
  • Brand PR
  • Seeding
  • Social media
  • VIP and ambassador programs

Services include: 

  • Advertorials
  • Agenda setting
  • Endorsement campaigns
  • Campaign development
  • Collection shoots and images
  • Lookbooks
  • Pop-up events
  • Press days
  • Press talks
  • Press conferences
  • Press releases
  • Press/PR trips
  • Press-related editorial and writing services
  • PR reporting
  • Product presentations
  • Showroom management
  • Strategic PR consulting
  • Storytelling
  • Openings

Using the following tools:

  • Interview coaching
  • Media monitoring and evaluation
  • Media training
  • Opinion leader network


As an international digital agency based in Berlin and New York we focus on bringing brands and consumers together on platforms. From development and community management all the way to activation, we create popular, frequently shared brand content in the digital realm.

We support consumer brands in the following areas:

  • Apps
  • CRM
  • Brand platforms
  • Microsites
  • Social media
  • Websites

Our services include:

  • Activation
  • App development
  • Community building
  • Community management
  • Format development
  • Photo and video production
  • Campaign concepts
  • Channel strategies
  • Media planning
  • SEO
  • Seeding
  • Social media strategies and concepts
  • Text & editorial services
  • User experience design
  • Web design

Using the following tools:

  • Picture editing
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Copyediting
  • Translations


As an event agency based in Berlin and New York we create captivating brand experiences all over the world. We believe that positive emotions trigger and strengthen long-lasting brand loyalty. That is why we love to wow people with live communication measures. For each briefing, we come up with brand new concepts to stage experiences that surprise and inspire, prompting people to spread brand messages – packaged in stories – for a lasting effect even long after the actual event.

We support consumer brands in the following areas:

  • Fashion shows
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Installations
  • Concerts
  • Readings
  • Brand events
  • Brand presentations
  • Trade-fair booths
  • Pop-up stores
  • Press conferences
  • Product presentations
  • Promotions
  • Road shows
  • Sponsoring
  • Openings

Our services include:

  • Catering
  • Casting
  • Event concepts
  • Event staff
  • Guest management
  • Curation
  • Location scouting
  • Promotional staff
  • Production


As an agency for corporate publishing based in Berlin and New York we devise, manage, and promote groundbreaking content for our clients. We foster talents with a journalistic passion and a knack for all things digital. Together with our global network of editors, photographers, and film crews, we create analog and digital contents that are loved, shared, and championed by our audience.

We support consumer brands in the following areas:

  • Content activation
  • Content creation
  • Content cooperations
  • Content strategy

Created contents include:

  • Advertorials
  • Moving images
  • Books
  • Content platforms
  • E-commerce content
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Magazines
  • Lookbooks
  • Text
  • Virtual reality clips

Using the following tools:

  • Picture editing
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Copyediting
  • SEO
  • Treatments
  • Translations
  • Global editorial network


As an agency for marketing communications, our teams in Berlin and New York focus on anchoring brands in the consumers’ consciousness, anywhere around the world. We encourage long-term involvement and activation by focusing on a brand’s identified added value across all relevant channels. Meanwhile, our communication experts analyze industry, brand, market, and target audience, develop unique and differentiating strategies, create implementation guidelines and evaluate efficacy.

We develop strategies for consumer brands in the following areas:

  • Content marketing
  • Corporate publishing
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital communications
  • Referral marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Integrated communications
  • Cooperations
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Sales
  • Seeding
  • Social media
  • Sponsoring
  • Trend marketing

Using the following tools:

  • Co-creation
  • Focus groups
  • Market research
  • Opinion research
  • Brand workshops


As a corporate identity agency based in Berlin and New York we believe that brands are far more than a logo. Instead, we place the unique narrative told by a brand center stage – and then develop, position, and design the brand around its one-of-a-kind story and selling point.

We support consumer brands in the following areas:

  • Corporate design
  • Corporate identity

Our services include:

  • Logo development
  • Brand analysis
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand development
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Naming

Using the following tools:

  • Co-creation
  • Digital branding
  • Focus groups
  • Brand workshops
  • Visual thinking